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Nate's Senior Pictures

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Tracy and Frankie: Wedding

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Tracy and I went to high school together. She was in my younger sister's grade and we had lost touch over the years. She asked me to shoot her wedding and it was my first one since going semi-professional! I was super excited and nervous at the same time! They got married August 27th at oak Grove Chapel in Vassalboro; reception at the augusta Elks Lodge.


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Okay! New images coming your way! I know it's been awhile. Was working so much and then went away on vacation to the Outer Banks for a week with my wonderful boyfriend and his family. When we arrived home, we got straight back into the swing of things, and I haven't had the momentum to get everything done. So, without further ado, some photos from vacation:

Garden Galore

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Field Day

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The other day, when it was gorgeous but sweltering out in Gardiner, ME, my younger sister Taylor and I decided to do another photo shoot. We waited until it had cooled a little bit and then we ventured back to that lone road by the railroad tracks. This time I brought my tripod and again we both wore dresses, because I knew she would want to take some photos as well.  We definitely got a few stares from the people driving by, but it was a lot of fun.  

After we were done there, we both changed dresses, and went to a nearby field that Taylor has gone sledding on one winter with friends. It was full of dandelions and tall grass, but no ticks luckily! We had so much fun doing jumping pictures and posing for the camera. I won't post any of the ones she took of me, but here are some of her for you to enjoy.

Train Tracks

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The other day I got out of work at a decent hour and we had some gorgeous weather out so I gave my sister Taylor a call and asked her to do some shooting with me. She chose two differents dresses and we started in the backyard but the black flies drove us out. I remembered that downtown Gardiner has a road out to the boonies so we drove aimlessly until we saw a dirt road by some railroad tracks. We found the perfect location for some photos. Since this was spontaneous I realized too late that my camera batteries were both low, so after a few of Taylor, she made me hand the camera over and took some of me, and then it died! So we plan on going back soon to take some more, hopefully without me on the other side of the lens! Haha.

Understanding Exposure

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Lately, I have been trying to get back in the swing of things. Now that winter is really over, the flowers are coming out, and I don't have to sit at home in my house because the weather is actually nice. I'm finally finding the motivation to photograph simple things again. I have been taking trips to the Barnes and Noble near by and reading photography books. I recently finished one by Bryan Peterson about understanding exposure and it's already helped me master a lot more skills in reference to manual settings on my EOS! I was so excited that I came home right away and started shooting flowers that had been rained on the evening before and still had drops of water all over them.  The detail is so much clearer than when I shoot in auto and of course even in manual too, since I did not know how to properly get a "correct" exposure. Here they are:

Spring Time Blooms

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Malaga, Spain

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After Sevilla, we went to Malaga on the coast and stayed at a hostel right across from the beach. It was the nicest day out since I had been in Spain, it got up to about 71 degrees!

Estepa/Sevilla. Spain

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After leaving Meg and Whitney, and traveling south toward Sevilla, I met up with Danica and we traveled back to her small town of Estepa, where we crashed for the night. We left after her classes the next day and headed in Sevilla for two nights.